Namibia is located in the south west of Africa. The nation is sandwiched into two great deserts Namib and Kalahari. The Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world.

Albeit the country being covered by deserts it endowed with some great attractions like game viewing, desert tours and extreme sport challenges of sand boarding, 4x4ing and skydiving.

The most prominent tourist destination is the Etosha national park seated on a surface area of 7,772 square miles and it is one of the top destinations where one can watch wildlife clearly. It has 340 species of birds, 114 species of mammal and 16 reptiles. While in this national park, one can never fail to see wildlife on his/her wish list.

What is so amazing in Etosha national park each year in the rainy season, a lagoon is formed where colourful pelicans and flamingos emerge.

Namibia also has Sossusvlei a big salt and clay pan with red sand dunes in Namib Desert. While in this place, an air balloon safari is up for grabs where one has an opportunity of taking outrageous pictures.