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Gorilla Trekking in Africa: 5 Destinations to Visit in 2018

Gorilla tracking is regarded as the most interesting adventurous tourist activity done on earth and many who have got this chance of meeting them...

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Safari Planning

When the word safari clicks to your mind, you think of Africa as the destination to enjoy the trip. Taking a safari tour as a vacation expedition is a vision of ecstasy for many of us. It may look easy as many think as it is just booking for a trip then have a blast.

However, we tend to forget Africa is the second largest continent in the world and it has more than 50 countries. These countries vary in the nature experience that is the animals, vegetation, people, climate, scenery and landscape. The places or destination that can give the traveller the best experience in Africa is affected by the time of the year he/she is willing to travel.

Where to Go

Going on a safari in Africa is one of the best activities that you can engage in. It is rather balanced for all ages and every kid or a grown up will find something fun and neat about the wildlife of Africa, whether it is looking at lions or trying to pet a crocodile held back by a professional tamer.

There are several amazing destinations where you can enjoy an African Safari. Top Countries include; South Africa,Botswana,Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.


Best times to tour: June – October and December – February.
Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa and landlocked. But this country cannot be underestimated as it famously known as the land of a thousand hills and behind wonderful hills there is beauty unfolded. Rwanda has the most sought after animals in African tourism the mountain gorillas different kinds of primates that is the chimpanzees, olive baboons, grey cheeked mangabey, red tailed monkey, golden monkeys and colobus monkeys among the special ones. In addition to that Rwanda is trying to have the big five animals. Rwanda is also a country with a rich African traditional culture.


Best times to visit: December to March & June to October
The most famous country in Eastafrica due to the first black American president Barrack Obama having roots from it, and also it is the legendary of all the safari destinations in Africa. It is a country with the big five African animals i.e. lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards. It has the popular wildebeest migration and also it is a country where one of the greatest African traditional cultures can be encountered the Masai found in the semi arid plains. It also has an epic historical site Fort Jesus in Mombasa at the coastline.


Best times to visit: June through to March (Except for November)
It is the largest country in the east African region. This country also has the big five African animals and also the famous wildebeest migration. It is the country with the highest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro which offers a spectacular landscape view of Tanzania.


Best time to visit: June-End of February (excluding November)

Uganda is hailed as “the pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill in his book “My African Journey” in 1907. It is straddled by the mid line of the earth the equator point and this makes it have a very cool climate and wonderful vegetation that harbours wonderful wildlife. Uganda has a great river by the names of river Nile arguably the longest river in the world. Within its tropical and savannah vegetation lies great wildlife that is the big five animals and the great apes that mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees and other primates.


Best time to visit: June-December
It is known as the newly found continent for its unique natural environment. Madagascar changes the whole complexion of safari experience in Africa as it has very unique attractions that can never be found anywhere in Africa. It has the unique primates of lemurs, the water mammal the whale and the volcanoes that give a drawback of the wonderful scenery. Madagascar is an island with endemic wildlife species flora and fauna that does not exist anywhere in Africa that captivates a whole new experience.


Best time to visit: May-October
Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa as it the most modernised and organised city in Africa Rhodesia. It is further hyped by two great heritage sites of the Mana pools and Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls are the strongest falls in the whole of Africa. Zimbabwe is one of the countries in Africa with good wildlife national park complemented by the eloquent safari guides that can really give a tourist a very informative tour in Africa.


Best time to visit: All year round or May to mid-November for Game spotting.
Botswana is arguably the country in Africa with the soundest political and economic background. The country is not that a household for tourism but it gives the tourist the great moment of meeting one of the hugest mammals in Africa the elephants. Chobe national park in Botswana is one of the places in Africa with the largest population of elephants harbouring around 70,000 of them.


Best time to visit: May to December
Namibia is country with the greatest and most fascinating landscapes in the universe. It swanks the world’s largest sand dunes and while in Namibia one gets the opportunity to enjoy the air balloon tour around the sparse landscape. Furthermore the traveller encounters the phenomenal wildlife at the Etosha national park.

South Africa

Best times to visit: All Year round
A place; where a person meets culture, history and adventure. South Africa is a country with no bounds of encountering flora and fauna. It has the popular Kruger national park with its unique species of animals that can never be found anywhere in Africa. It has the largest wine route in the world.