Why is Volcanoes National Park Famous?


Volcanoes National Park is the most popular of the the three national parks that Rwanda has. It is also the most visited and the nearest to Kigali. This tourism hot spot is situated in the northern region within the Virunga Region that stretches over Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Its importance roots from being a great home to the endangered mountain gorillas that Dian Fossey loved as her children. It is one of the popular destination for gorilla safaris given that it can be reached with 3 hours from Kigali Airport. You can even plan a day trip to the gorillas from Kigali.

Volcanoes National Park is among the few parks hosting the endangered mountain gorillas. It is known to protect 10 habituated gorilla groups and more families are in the process of habituation.

The park is amidst the series of Virunga Volcanoes which give amazing relief. Virunga Mountains here include Mt. Sabyinyo, Mt. Karisimbi, Mt. Muhabura and Mt. Bisoke among others.

The nearness to Kigali city makes it famous in a sense that, tourists easily access it even from the plane and depart easily after visiting Volcanoes national park. The 2-3 hours drive through the rolling hill and mountains of Rwanda allows visitor travel while taking wonderful and memorable photos.

Volcanoes National Park is known for protecting the beautiful Golden Monkeys which are the second sought after Gorillas. Trekking Golden monkeys is currently costing US$ 100 per foreign visitor. If you miss to see gorillas at US$ 1,500 per permit, at least encounter Golden Monkeys.

Volcanoes National Park is situated near the beautiful twin Lake. Lake Burera and Ruhondo are among the few lakes situated in one are (twin) the world has. It’s a place where trekkers go to refresh after Gorilla trekking – the twin lake offers the beautiful scenery for excellent photography.

The Bamboo type of vegetation is amazing. Volcanoes National park is dominated by the bamboo forest which enables Gorilla trekkers to take clear photos. It should be noted that, Bamboo forests are clear compared to the tropical forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Volcanoes National Park is home to over 180 species of bird species including the Grauer’s rush warbler, 16 Albertine Rift endemic including francolin, Rwenzori batis, Archer’s ground robin, collared apalis, Rwenzori double collared sunbird, dusky crimson-wing, red-faced woodland warbler and the Rwenzori turaco.

The Kwita Izina annual celebration on which all the new born baby Gorillas in Volcanoes National park are given names for ease identification. It is an International event which helps to market the park.

The park is surrounded by good lodges and Hotels – Lodges in Volcanoes National Park ranges from Luxury to budget accommodation. Some of the Lodges in Volcanoes National park include Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Virunga Lodge, mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Le bamboo Gorilla Lodge and Muhabura Hotel among others.

Easy means of transport both private and public means- any mean you use, enable you reach Volcanoes National Park. In addition to that, Rwanda has better roads connecting to different destinations including Volcanoes national Park.

The aggressive marketing strategy boosted by Rwanda government.  The Government invests in a lot of money to market Rwanda tourist attractions.



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