Best Time To Rent a Car In Uganda


Are you planning to visit the pearl of Africa? When you think about car rentals in Uganda or any destination, it is advisable that you first understand the ideal time for you to hire a car that suits within your travel interests. Car Hire Services have increasingly become the most sought after means for travelers to navigate to different parts in Uganda. For this case, the tourism sector and car hire go hand in hand to ensure that you have a safari of your dreams in Africa. Most tour operators may not have their personal cars but once the visitors have placed an order, they can be in position to get it from car rental agency something that has also improved both sectors. However, others deal in both.

Before setting off for a vacation, it is important that you understand the best time for you to book a car that suits within your travel needs. What may appear the best time to you may not turn to be the worst time to another party. A few factors have to be addressed prior making your final decision and one of which is timing. While car hire can be done at anytime of the year, there better times that you have to consider when hiring your dream car especially if you want to save some money while on safari.

The low season that falls in the month of April, May, June and December, the prices of the car rentals tend to reduce for most car hire companies as this season comes with fewer visitors and there is stiff competition between companies thus reduced prices. During this period, you can easily save some money with the low prices offered for car hire. The low season also known as wet season despite the low costs, the roads leading to most of the tourist attractions tend to be more challenging as the routes tend to be muddy and slippery for you to navigate through.

For visitors who are want to have to safe safari in Uganda, the dry season is considerably the perfect time for you to rent a car for your safari in this spectacular season. The dry season in Uganda is experienced around June to September and December to February.

In conclusion, if you are planning to rent a car in Uganda consider the cost and safety as the two crucial factors as they will guide while renting a car in any of Uganda’s car rental agencies. With the above provided information, we believe that you will have the most successful safari in the pearl of Africa.


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