This is a landlocked country located in the southern part of the Africa. This is the most highly democratic country in Africa. in the world of tourism, it is known as the haven of game due to the high concentration of exotic animals in such a small country. The exciting wildlife and ecosystems are found in various national parks but the most notable ones are Chobe and Okavango Delta National parks.

The region of Okavango displays a sight of in-water hippos and elephants on the shore drinking water in the streams of the delta. This country has herds of buffaloes and it’s known for its highest concentration of elephants of about 70,000 in the Chobe National Park that is not matched by any in Africa.

Other than the elephants and buffaloes, national parks in the Botswana have big cats that are sighted while on a game drive as lions are seen on the hunt in the morning hours and the leopards and cheetahs in the evening. It also has other big wild mammals that are the giraffes, antelopes and the hyenas. The country is trying to be a big five destination of which they have reintroduced the rhinos.

While in Botswana, you cannot miss to explore the arid plains in Kalahari which is dominated by Bushmen communities that have an amazing culture that it is every tourist dream to encounter.

Top Highlights

  • Game Viewing in various national parks