Clothing on Safari

Wondering about what to wear on an African Safari? In most cases the nature of clothing depends on the climate of the region, The type of climate defers from region to region in north Africa they have a desert climate, in the central, east and west Africa they have a tropical and equatorial climate and the southern part has Mediterranean climate but some parts of Namibia and Botswana receive Semi desert climate. Generally, Africa has a warm climate and there are few cold spells and it only receives sun and rain through the year. However, it is only South Africa that receives snow but on a rare occasion.

This means that when coming to Africa, you have to carry one layer or two layer clothes, a light jacket for the evening time and the rain coat for the rainy periods for September – end of November and Mid march- End of may.

On an Africa safari, you have to bring clothes that do not expose your body so much. This is done not to antagonize with the African culture as most communities in Africa do not reveal their bodies in public as they perceive it as being immoral.

While on the safari, try as much as possible to avoid shouting and outrageous colours as some of the wild animals in the national parks are colour sensitive, you might end up being attacked by them thinking you are a threat. It is best for you to wear browns, khakis, cream and beiges for your casual wear. Do not also forget the sunglasses and the hat or cap for the sunny days.

Clothing for Different Activities

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Guide to What to Wear