Stay Safe on Safari

While in Africa the safety is use your common sense in all scenarios. Before you go to a place, know where you are going especially at night and ask your tour guide or hotel staff about the location and safety of the place. Avoid walking in strange places alone and also carry valuable like jewellery, electronic gadgets and large amount of money. Always be vigilant of people who come around you as some of them might be conmen.

Avoid using local commuter taxis, buses and trains as a foreigner. It is best for you to use private car hire. When using automated teller machine make sure that no one is around you and never reveal your pin number to anyone.

Safety on safari

Africa is habitat to many wildlife and the main way to be safe and live in harmony with them is to accept that you are visitor and make sure that you follow guidelines and rule stipulated to you while engaging in any of the safari activity in the national park. Always follow what the game ranger or guide tells you.

Document Safety

While in Africa, carry photocopies of all your travel or personal documents like passport, national identity, air ticket and medical documents. Some of the originals like the passports place them in the safest place possible.

Electrical Appliances Safety

The general voltage in Africa is 220/240V. Most of the countries in Africa particularly in the south and east Africa use the British laws of electricity. The plugs have three poles. It is ideal to buy appropriate adaptor of any electronic you are carrying before leaving home.