Tanzania is the largest country in the East African region. This is a very political sound country with high levels of democracy.  Its name Tanzania originates from the merging of the inland country of Tanganyika (Tan) and the two islands of Zanzibar (Zan) and Mafia (Ia).

Tanzania is a country with diverse natural environment full of great natural beauties like lakes, rivers, mountains, vegetation cover, semi arid plains and an ocean on its borders. With having all the latter natural beauties, the tourists enjoy game viewing, sightseeing, mountaineering and relaxation

Tanzania holds the largest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro of which its highest peak stands at 5,892 meters above sea level. Scores of people take up a challenge of hiking this mountain to its peaks every year. The challenge is relatively difficult but the satisfaction derived from the completion of the hike is very enormous. There is also an opportunity of taking amazing photos on mountain Kilimanjaro.

It can never be a good safari tour for a visitor if he/she does not unmask him/herself from one of the popular islands of Zanzibar, Pemba or mafia. The most notably one is the great Zanzibar island that has very unique beaches with very fresh water, great sceneries and exquisite resort accommodations.

Tanzania also has lot to offer interns of wildlife viewing as it has 16 national park plus other wildlife reserves. Serengeti national park is the oldest and most amazing national park. At this park, there is the big five animals and the great wildebeest. The park also offer a unique safari experience that is the air balloon safari where the visitors have a good aerial view of game and also have a champagne breakfast.

Tanzania has other major national parks which include Tarangire national park and Ngorongoro conservation area. Ngorongoro conservation area is a beauty to watch as it a has a world heritage site the Nogomogoro crater and also here the humans live along with animals in the caldera.