5 Things to Do in Masai Mara National Park


The Mara is without doubt Kenya’s most popular safari destination. With its high concentration of wild animals, it is understandable why almost every tourist to Kenya wants to visit this popular national reserve at least once during their trip. But, apart from the wildlife safaris, can you find any other reason to visit the Mara?

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn here that, yes, there is more to the Mara than just its wildlife and safaris. Granted, the African wild animals are, by far, the Mara’s main attraction, and some of the other attractions and activities revolve around wildlife. However it is possible to visit the Mara for totally non-safari reasons, some of which I highlight below:

• Romance
What in this world could be more romantic than just the two of you in a small world of your own, with all the luxuries that you desire, surrounded all around by nature and fresh air, and with little or no interference from other humans? Trust me, you can find such a setting in the Masai Mara.

The Mara is home to some of Kenya’s finest luxury accommodation properties that also offer you maximum exclusivity within your own small “garden of Eden”. Our own lodge, Ngerende Island lodge, is one such place. Its honeymoon suite was particularly designed with romance in mind. Think jacuzzi, a plunge pool, your own personal butler if you want, a fireplace, an open air yet completely private bath, with a nice panoramic view of the African wild populated with numerous animals.

Whether you are going on your honeymoon, or you just need to rekindle your love and reconnect with your loved one, you can find an ideal place in the Mara.

• Culture
The Masai Mara obtains its name from the Maasai people who live around the game reserve. You are probably aware that the Maasai are one of the very few African ethnic communities that still maintain their traditional way of life. The Masai culture is beautiful, best characterized by the colorful dressing and adornment of both their men and the women. Owing to their semi-nomadic lifestyle, the Masai reside in semi-permanent homesteads called manyattas. A Maasai manyatta comprises of several traditional huts surrounded by a thorny fence meant to ward off lions and other predators.

You can travel to the Mara region just to get a first-hand experience of the rich Masai culture. You may visit and sleep in an authentic manyatta if you so desire, plus experience several other aspects of the Masai way of life.

• Sports Travel
Currently, the most popular sports tourism attraction in the Mara is the annual Masai Mara marathon. This is also a charity event for raising money for conservation, and for uplifting the standard of life of the community neighbouring the Mara. The marathon offers you a chance to compete with upcoming Kenyan athletes, some of whom later become the world-class marathoners Kenya is famous for.

Besides the marathon, our fitness in the wild package is a special sports and fitness offer that you may want to take a look at.

• Birding
Much as birds are also part of wildlife, bird watching is a unique aspect of African safaris that you can enjoy in the Mara. The experts reckon that there are over 500 bird species found in the Mara ecosystem. These include 6 species of the Kenyan vulture, ostriches, eagles, and many more. This website provides a comprehensive list of birds found in the Mara triangle for example.


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