Mount Hiking Adventure in Africa


Africa is endowed with a number of mountains and specifically Uganda and DR.Congo; mountain hiking is one of the major activities one must add on his/her safari due to its amazing experience one may discover while on a hike. This is one of the major visits we had in Uganda from the three parks of Uganda including mountain Elgon and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This was a six day trip in Africa and we organized it with nature adventure. We couldn’t wait for this trip to reach as everything was sorted before; we sent all the money that was required for arranging our Uganda tour in advance and everything was arranged as we needed.

On reaching Uganda, we were picked from Entebbe airport and since we reached in the evening, we were taken to airport view hotel where we spent our night as we were waiting for our surprising travel to mountain Elgon. Early in the morning after tea, we started off the journey to the east of Uganda where mountain Elgon is located in the districts of Bududa and manafwa around Mbale region.

This was so amazing since on our way we got chances of seeing the source of the Nile and Owen falls dam in Jinja while crossing the bridge that separates central region from eastern region. It took us around 6hour to reach Mbale from where we had a rest at Protea Hotel Mbale where we had our lunch, in the evening we went for a town tour with the guide we had moved with since we couldn’t go for  a hike in the park, we toured the market plus some streets.

The following third day we were taken to the park, here we were given a guide who led us through the activity via the bamboo forest trail to Kapkwai caves which was a three hours hike. On our way, we encountered the local Bamasaba   who were busy waiting busy in their gardens cultivating and we were given a loud applause. We passed through banana plantations and coffee as we were taken through the historical events of the place. As some were proceeding, some colleagues were sweating plasma but we had to continue since we had paid for the activity.

Along the mysterious trail, we came across some primates and the different bird species as well as the tree species including Elgon teak and Elgon olive. This was a blended tour, good enough we had carried our snacks and drinking water, in the afternoon after visiting the caves, we went back to the park headquarters and we were driven back to Protea hotel Mbale for freshening up and lunch as we were waiting for boozing in the evening. We dint drink much since we had moved with kids.

On the fourth day, we were taken back to Kampala, as we were observing the surrounding environment since we had an open roof car and we reached at exactly 2pm but jam was somehow much on Jinja road to enter the city, we staged at Fang Fang Hotel as we were preparing for next day’s trip to the south western Uganda. This was a long journey but it wasn’t the case because we reached safely though we delayed on the way as some of the colleagues used to stop around some points as they were purchasing some crafts from the natives. We reached in the late evening; we slept at Mount Gahinga lodge as we were waiting for the next day’s hike.

Given the fact that we had paid for everything, we just headed to the park for a nature walk through the Sabinyo gorge around the Sabinyo Mountain; this gave us a chance to view the Rwenzori Turaco as my colleagues were taking photos of some bird species we came across though it took us four hours, we also paid $80 USD for the local Batwa who are the settlers of the area and as a supplement, they took us through their traditional dances and songs, however we came enjoyed the art and crafts items including gorillas, shoes and the local “Bitengi”.

In the evening we had to go back the lodge for an overnight though the colleague never wanted to miss the Rugezi swamp but time hindered us. The sixth day we had to travel back to Kampala for our departure though we reached at night fortunately our flight was for the next day in the morning.


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