Transport in Africa

Getting Around on holiday in Africa

The road network is not complicated as the main roads leading to cities, towns and main tourism destinations are well streamlined and also indicated on the GPS. The road network in Africa has both tarmac and marram roads and the tarmac roads are mainly found in the urban areas and the remote areas are mainly covered by marram roads.

There are two means of transport that can get you around the tourism destination in Africa that is public transport and private car hire. The public transport involves buses, commuter taxis of the minibus and the private car hire involves self drive car hire and chauffeur driven car hire.

However, public transport has lots of problems that can hinder the travellers experience in Africa due its inconvenience, delays, non reliance and no privacy at all and this makes private transportation of car hire the best option for tourists in Africa.

Car hire in Africa has become so popular as there are very many car hire companies operating online both domestic and international and also tour companies have engaged in this business or work in collaboration with the car rental companies. The traveller does not have to worry about hiring a car since this can be done by your tour company.

Rental cars which dominate transport in Africa are 4×4 vehicles since the nature of the roads that lead to the tourism destinations are raged and tough to drive on using other types of cars. This is one of the many reasons as to why the land cruisers are the ideal safari cars in Africa. the Toyota RAV4 has also become a popular rental car for sole travellers going for a self drive tour in Africa.

The vehicles in Africa have automatic or manual transmission and also consume diesel or petroleum fuel. In the east African region they normally use Japanese Toyota cars since they are cheap to maintain and ease to operate.

Note: There is also air transport option in African tourism but this is not so common since it operates with in those main tourism destinations that are found in different Africa countries. The air transport option is regarded as a transport option for the high end travellers.

The other transport options that are used in Africa are rail and water transport but these are rarely used in Africa tourism since the vessels and their transport terminals and ways are few. These two are normally used for carrying large cargos or courier services.


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